Gin & Raspberry Brandy from the Italian Alps

Spirits from the Alps - Alto Adige LLC

  • Spirits from the Alps is an exciting new brand and line of spirits from the Unterthurner Distillery in Alto Adige (South Tyrol), Italy.
  • The distillery is a third generation family-run company that for decades has been one of a small group of exceptional artisanal South Tyrolean distilleries.
  • Our spirit express the natural aromas of our regional fruits, berries, herbs and spices - combining flavors of the Mediterranean with the pure iced water from the South Tyrolean Alps.
  • With a clean, modern bottle and label, our spirits will appeal to millenials and connoisseurs of all ages alike.
Gin - big bottle Gin - small bottle

Product - Gin

Nose - smell
Red fruits, vanilla, balsamic, floral
Mouth - taste
Full, harmonic, dry

The botanicals come directly from our mountains, "The Alps". Like water gushes at high altitude our story starts from there. With this gin you can breathe what we breathe, our freedom, our Identity.

  • a bottle 700 ml - FOB Florida Warehouse
  • a bottle 50 ml - FOB Florida Warehouse

Product - Raspberry Brandy

Nose - smell
Raspberries, fresh, vanilla.
Mouth - taste
Harmonic, delicate, full.

Something fresh, young and innovative. You can try it pure or in cocktails, but one thing is for sure, you will never forget it.

  • a bottle 700 ml - FOB Florida Warehouse
  • a bottle 50 ml - FOB Florida Warehouse

Supporting marketing activities

  • US Network
    Visit distributor network
    Participate in promotional events and roadshows
    Support and On-site support through presence in the USA
  • Sales Incentives
    Visit to Italy offered to top salesperson
  • Aggressive digital marketing activities
  • Generous sample allotment
  • Commissons on reaching sales targets


  • Main Target
    Millenials with secondary target being connoisseurs and aficionado
  • On-Premise
    Bars and mixologistics
  • Off-Premise
    Wine and spirits speciality shop

Mountains - Nature


Nad Nassar
Managing Director

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Alto Adige LLC
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Nad Nassar
Managing Director